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Read the experience of Mums Like Me (local blogger and event organiser) who enjoyed a relaxing treatment while her girls joined the Ofsted-registered crèche for some fabulous fun!

Four Bears Den crèche exceeded expectations for us all

I am usually filled with dread taking my little girls to a luxury hotel environment, knowing that the guests are there to relax or perhaps work and that they are not always the most child friendly of places. However, we recently spent the morning at The Ickworth Hotel, who have the balance of family friendly and luxury just right!

Beth (3) and Polly (1) were booked for a two-hour session at The Fours Bears Den crèche, where they spent time with Ofsted registered staff drawing, playing and listening to stories. Considering it was their first visit to the crèche they were happy to say goodbye to mummy and couldn't wait to get their shoes off and dive into the toys. I peeked in a few times to see them enjoying themselves and the activities that had been prepared for them and the other children. When I arrived to pick them up they had had a snack and a drink and were excited to tell me about the friendly sleeping Bear who lives in the Four Bears Den and looks after the treasure! My eldest daughter let her imagination run wild with stories of the Bear, it was lovely!

While the girls enjoyed their morning of fun, I had some relaxing, child free time in The Ickworth's gorgeous treatment rooms!

A rare treat for me in the Treatment Rooms (time alone!)

As soon as you walk into the reception area the smell of lavender hits you and you can't help but relax! I was booked in for an hour’s facial massage and Cathy, the therapist helped me sink into the bed with her mix of firm massage and her soft voice. It was utter bliss!!! As a working mum, with two energetic little girls, I so rarely get to switch off completely. Knowing that they were both safe and happy and that I wasn't dependent on friends or family to look after them meant that I didn't feel rushed and once my massage was over I could relax in the lounge until they were due to be collected at midday.

Lunch couldn't have been more relaxing

I was so excited about my morning of relaxation that I had forgotten to pack a few essentials for lunch! Polly is still at an age where lunch could end up of across the room, on the floor, in her hair or on my jeans and I'd forgotten a bib! Thankfully The Ickworth are so well equipped for families and had a small table in their conservatory where we ate lunch which was full of plastic plates, bowls, cutlery and bibs! They had a hi-chair for every table which is so rare for luxury hotels, where staff are usually running about trying to track one down. With everything we needed available and a varied children's menu for the girls, we enjoyed a peaceful lunch in beautiful surroundings. The staff fussed over the girls and chatted with them, making them feel special and helped me relax.

I can’t wait to return

The morning was the perfect balance of luxury and family friendly. I felt I had been spoilt within the luxury environment of Ickworth and with a wonderful massage and delicious lunch. The girls were catered for all morning, from the facilities at lunch, baby wipes and potties in the toilet to the helpful and friendly staff.