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January 2018

Events throughout January 2018

Please note some of the events might be subject to an entrance fee, availability or restrictions e.g. child’s age.  Please refer to the relevant website for more information.

13th January 2018
St Edmundsbury Cathedral
On 13th January 2018 come along to enjoy a Harry Potter experience you won't forget; cinema screening of ‘Harry Potter and The Philosopher's Stone’ as well as other exciting experiences from make your own wand and wand tutorials to potion creating.

17th January 2018
Ickworth, National Trust
Evergreen Walk – join the tour with a member of their outdoors team and discover their evergreen gardens and parkland.

20th January 2018
West Stow Anglo Saxon Village
20 minutes from The Ickworth
On 20th January 2018 find out what the latest archaeological techniques tell us about life in West Stow Anglo Saxon Village.

12th and 26th January 2018
Bury St Edmunds Ghostly and Macabre Tour
10 minutes from The Ickworth
Murder, executions, plague, riots, witchcraft and sightings of ghostly figures, the Bury St Edmunds Tour Guides take you on a journey around our haunted town.

27th January 2018
Ickworth, National Trust
Come and experience what life was like in Housekeeping.

17th and 31st January 2018
Ickworth, National Trust
Join a member of our outdoors team and discover the evergreen gardens and parkland.